LCE is a media production company that creates innovative content for film, television, streaming platforms, home video, and themed entertainment attractions across the globe.

Our productions run the gamut of genres, formats, and exhibition outlets — from feature films based on proven intellectual properties such as Universal’s Aliens Ate My Homework to award-winning specials such as Star Trek: Inside the Roddenberry Vault and The Twilight Zone: Remembering Rod Serling, to high-impact 3D films for theme park attractions such as the recently opened Pacific Rim: Shatterdome Strike experience. LCE serves as a turnkey production entity guiding and supervising all aspects of a show from development to delivery of final masters.

LCE holds film and media rights to classic and renowned intellectual properties including Scholastic’s The Forgotten Door from legendary author Alexander Key (Escape from Witch Mountain), Image Comics’ critically-acclaimed historical fantasy Rasputin from New York Times best-selling author Alex Grecian, as well as two YA hits from author Jennifer E. Smith: The Geography of You and Me and This Is What Happy Looks Like.

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ROGER LAY, JR. is a founding partner at Lay-Carnagey Entertainment. Some of his recent film producing credits include Universal Pictures’ Aliens Ate My Homework (based on Simon & Schuster’s best-selling children’s book series), HBO/ThinkFilm’s 95 Miles to Go starring Ray Romano, eOne’s award-winning sci-fi feature Chrysalis — based on the short story by internationally-acclaimed author Ray Bradbury, and the award-winning indie drama The Year I Did Nothing.
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ERIC CARNAGEY is a founding partner at Lay-Carnagey Entertainment and has been in executive positions for several entertainment and financial start-ups over the last decade, including media production and location-based attractions, entertainment design and production services.
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Aliens Stole My Body

The sequel to Universal’s hit family comedy Aliens Ate My Homework blasts off on VOD / digital, and DVD August 4th from Universal and Lay-Carnagey! The Galactic Patrol is back – but they’ve lost Deputy Rod Albright’s body! It's been stolen by B’KR, the most fiendish villain in the galaxy, which leaves Rod’s mind sharing [...]

Rod serling twilight zone documentary

Rod Serling documentary explores The Twilight Zone’s social commentary in this sneak peek.

Twilight Zone Creator Rod Serling Feared He’d Be Forgotten

The new documentary ‘Remembering Rod Serling’ features previously unseen footage of the sci-fi writer teaching his craft.

‘The Twilight Zone’ Celebrates 60 Years of the Surreal When Six Classic Episodes Come to Movie Theaters Nationwide for One Day Only in November

Audiences Can Unlock the Door to Another Dimension on November 14, With a Cinematic Event, Including an All-New Documentary About Creator Rod Serling.